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While your children are home, providing ways for them to express themselves helps them deal with their own thoughts and feelings. Learning a new song and making connections to what is happening today provides a positive outlet to channel their energy.


Here are simple ways to participate in this project:


  1. Listen to the song together

  2. Review the lyrics

  3. Discuss what the lyrics mean in the context of today

  4. Discuss how the song makes them feel

  5. Have your child learn the song and sing along

  6. Have your child create NEW lyrics

  7. Ask them what they are grateful for

  8. Record and share your creation with your family and friends


If your child has your permission, they may share their creations on April 30th via social media -  Facebook and Facebook Groups, Instagram, Twitter and use the supporting campaign graphics and hashtags (#LeanOnUs #DayOfGratitude).


For additional ideas look at the "Additional Details" button to the right.


Read the article "Incorporating SEL" to review for additional ideas

“Lean on Me” is used with permission from Hal Leonard, LLC

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